EPOC Enviro announces short chain PFAS breakthrough in SAFF® technology

14 April 2022

EPOC Enviro announced during this weeks’ series of live Webinars that SAFF® technology can now remove short chain PFAS compounds, as well as long chain compounds.

The webinar series, hosted by members from EPOC’s senior management team, along with special guest Mark Salvetti from CDM Smith, was watched by more than 300 remediators internationally.

This exciting new development means that EPOC Enviro can offer clients a unique, sustainable solution to treating PFAS contamination sites, ensuring complete remediation.

During the webinar, EPOC Enviro President, Pete Murphy said that the recent short chain removal trials delivered results that exceeded all hypotheses and was a game-changer for remediators who are looking to move away from unsustainable remediation technologies using GAC or resin processes.

Up until recent times, the primary focus for PFAS remediators has been to remove long chain PFAS compounds. Short chain compounds were considered more challenging as they do not bind as well in typical remediation techniques. However, with the global regulatory environment becoming stricter in their approach to the long-term toxicity and mobility of both short and long chain PFAS molecules, the market needed a more effective solution.

As detailed in the webinar, short-chain PFAS removal is achieved in a naturally elegant manner through a combination of enhancements to the SAFF process.

To learn more, watch the webinar here or read more about the preliminary short chain removal results–> SAFF technology now removing short chain PFAS molecules (smartwatermagazine.com)

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