SAFF® Applications


SAFF® has been tested extensively in a range of applications and proven again and again to be the most sustainable and effective PFAS remediation technology.

It is designed to perform on all types of PFAS-impacted waters, from landfill sites and military bases to sewerage treatment plants and industrial complexes.

Landfill Leachates

Landfill sites are primary sources of PFAS contamination, as they are the resting place for PFAS-containing products.

SAFF is an ideal technology for these complex and highly polluted environments, effectively stripping PFAS from leachate waters and creating no secondary waste stream other than small volumes of PFAS hyper concentrate for pairing with on-site destruction technologies


Once positioned in groundwater, PFAS molecules can potentially impact adjacent aquifers, boreholes, creeks and river systems.

SAFF’s unique ability to separate and concentrate PFAS compounds means that we are able to achieve very efficient waste removal while remediating target PFAS contaminants to below detect levels in high volume ground waters.

RO Reject Water

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is an effective means of extracting PFAS compounds from all contaminated water sources including drinking water supplies. However, the RO process generates between 10-20% reject brine which contains concentrated PFAS.

SAFF improves the adsorption co-efficient allowing optimal PFAS uptake during treatment.

Do you have further questions about SAFF® performance? Take a look at our FAQs for more information