SAFF®: Rising to the Short Chain PFAS Removal Challenge
WEBINAR 5: SAFF® achieves a breakthrough in removing short chain as well as long chain PFAS contaminants with a case study presented by Mark Salvetti from CDM Smith. This webinar also includes a snapshot of the workings of the Australian manufacturing plant.

Q: Do you need a sustainable PFAS remediation technology that can remove PFAS short chain compounds as well as long chains?

Q: Would you like to learn more about successful full scale PFAS remediation projects using the SAFF process?

Now you can.

Check out our informative one-hour webinar where you will learn about:


  • SAFF’s ability to remove long and short chain PFAS compounds without use of GAC or resin
  • Latest performance data from SAFF projects including a case study from CDM Smith Senior Engineer Mark Salvetti
  • A snapshot of the workings of our manufacturing plant in Australia