SAFF® Applications: Reverse Osmosis Reject Water


SAFF® Applications: Reverse Osmosis Reject Water

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is an effective means of extracting PFAS compounds from all contaminated water sources including drinking water supplies. However, the RO process generates between 10-20 per cent reject brine which contains concentrated PFAS.

Traditionally, this brine is reintroduced into the general water supply downstream of the RO plant, allowing the harvested PFAS to be re-released back into the environment. 

SAFF offers a perfectly aligned synergy with RO technology in that it elegantly strips the PFAS from the RO reject prior to it being discharged downstream. This creates a winning solution, with clean drinking water being delivered for the community and harmful PFAS contaminants permanently removed from the environment. 

The concentrating effects of RO tend to create a highly conductive (saline) solution which is a perfect recipe for SAFF, as it improves the adsorption co-efficient allowing optimal PFAS uptake during treatment. 

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