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EPOC Enviro is an award-winning environmental engineering company. The EPOC acronym stands for ‘Emerging Pollutants of Concern’.

Our mission is to develop and implement clever and practical engineering solutions on a global scale to permanently remove PFAS and other emerging contaminants from the environment.

We proudly apply the principles of intelligent design, sustainable engineering and green chemistry to our craft.

Since 2014, EPOC scientists and engineers have worked collaboratively with clients and stakeholders to develop and patent remedial solutions to remove PFAS from water, soil and hardstand.


Our PFAS remediation technology has been developed with an unwavering focus on green science and driven by strong sustainability principles consistent with world best practice.

We don’t accept that pollution is inevitable. Our view is that pollution can be resolved, and our approach is to apply sound engineering and science-based principles to create robust remediation solutions.


  SAFF20 offers a convenient containerised PFAS water treatment plant that suits many lower flow sites. Housed in a 40’ shipping container, the system is the perfect choice for smaller water treatment projects with short to medium term timeframes.  The SAFF20 unit includes an enclosed weatherproof field office for staff to prepare samples and document the day’s activities, along with a control room and equipment storage area.   The SAFF20 is a low maintenance, plug and play system that can be operating within minutes of arriving on site.  Its intuitive remote telemetry system means that it requires minimal on-site operator supervision. 
  • Capable of treating up to 20m3/hr. 
  • Configured with two primary SAFF vessels and one secondary SAFF vessel.  
  • Conveniently housed in an easily transportable 40’ shipping container (12.2 x 2.4m footprint).  
  • Lowest OPEX of any PFAS remediation technology.  
  • No consumables, such as IX Resin or GAC, are required.  
  • No solid waste produced. Concentrated PFAS is the only by-product of the process.  
  • Easily manages cross contamination, high organic and sediment loads, with no reduction in efficiency.   
  • Includes integrated site office, control room and spare parts storage area. 
  • Plug and play, self-bunded system which can be operating within minutes of arrival to site.  
  • Delivered to site using standard container handling vehicles, cranes or forklifts. 
  • High grade remote telemetry system means minimal operator presence on site.



SAFF40 is the compact workhorse in the SAFF fleet. The containerised solution provides high flow-through capabilities within a portable footprint. The SAFF40 suits the majority of PFAS impacted sites including landfills and source zone contamination areas. 

  • Capable of treating up to 40m3/hr. 
  • Configured with four primary SAFF vessels and two secondary SAFF vessels.  
  • Conveniently housed in an easily transportable 40’ shipping container (12.2 x 2.4m footprint).  
  • OPEX is many times lower than conventional treatment technologies.  
  • No consumables required (no IX Resin or GAC).  
  • No solid waste produced. Highly concentrated PFAS is the only by-product of the process.  
  • Can manage all contaminated water types from drinking water through to landfill leachates and sewerage. 
  • Covered workstation for sample preparation and paperwork.  
  • Highest throughput, lowest treatment cost containerised system available.  
  • Plug and play, self-bunded system can be operating within minutes of arrival to site. 
  • Delivered to site using standard container handling vehicles, cranes or forklifts. 
  • High grade remote telemetry system means minimal operator presence on site.


We are not content with the mediocre. Every day, the talented EPOC Enviro team strives to be industry leaders, delivering customized PFAS remediation solutions that bring real results for clients, their communities, and the environment. Within our DNA, we are pioneers with a strong appetite for innovation.

At EPOC Enviro, we value and prioritize people, safety and quality. We do not cut corners, and we stake our reputation on honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Together, we are working to rid the world of PFAS and other emerging contaminants, one project at a time.


Back in 2014, EPOC Enviro was challenged to find a solution to the global problem of PFAS contamination. Armed with little more than an appetite for innovation, our R&D team got to work.

Foam fractionation had been tested and discarded by previous researchers working in this field, but we were seeking a sustainable and scalable response to the problem. We also loved the simplicity of air bubbles. The team persisted, and eventually the breakthrough moment arrived, with our team realising that the simplicity of foam fractionation in separating PFAS chemicals from solution was in fact a game changer for PFAS remediation.

Fast forward to 2018, and against strong global competition, EPOC was awarded a contract by the Australian Commonwealth Government to deliver one of the world’s first full scale commercial PFAS groundwater treatment systems. The plant commenced operations at Oakey, Queensland in May 2019, and since that time has successfully treated 60 million litres of contaminated water and achieved results of <0.01µg/l or better for criteria PFAS removal. Some 29 liters of PFAS concentrate have been created, with zero adsorption media used.

National attention and validation followed, with our parent company OPEC Systems recognized as the Innovator of the Year at the Australian Defence Awards in 2019; and the Australian Technology Company of the Year in 2019.

EPOC first achieved global success in 2020 when our ground-breaking SAFF® technology was installed in Telge, Sweden to remediate PFAS contamination from landfill leachate.

With strong global commercial interest in our PFAS solutions, we are now firmly focused on production of several remediation technologies to meet growing worldwide demand.

EPOC Enviro has refined and engineered a range of portable, rapid deployment technologies including SAFF®40  and SAFF®20 to deliver more targeted remedial solutions for our clients.

EPOC Scientists and Engineers have also turned their attention to remediating PFAS from sources outside of water, including PFAST to treat and remove PFAS from soil and hardstand at contaminated sites; and PFAIT to strip residual PFAS compounds from valuable infrastructure such as fire-fighting appliances, storage tanks and sprinkler systems.

Global expansion is being achieved using both agency and distributor-based business models, with several patents in place to protect IP.



EPOC Enviro is committed to helping the environment. 

Our parent company OPEC Systems is an environmental engineering company and holds the ISO 14001 Environmental accreditation, along with ISO 9001 for Quality and the IS0 45001 OH&S accreditation. 

As an ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited Company, OPEC has the reduction of environmental impact as one of its core values. We do this by the setting of KPI’s which we monitor and measure vigorously. 

Amongst others, those KPI’s include: 

  • Reduction of energy consumption 
  • Reduction in raw materials wastage 
  • Increase in recycling of waste raw materials 
  • Screening of suppliers to ensure environmental compliance is maximized 
  • Maintenance of geographical supply chain which minimizes transportation impacts
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