Concentrating on Compliance: SAFF®’s Evolution in Achieving Regulatory Compliance

Q: Curious about the role that concentration plays in achieving effective PFAS destruction and eager to know how EPOC Enviro is meeting this challenge?

Q: Interested in finding out how technological advancements are capturing more short chain PFAS contaminants?

Join us for an informative one-hour webinar where we will share:

  • A GLOBAL UPDATE – what’s been happening with SAFF® and EPOC Enviro since our last webinar
  • CONCENTRATE on CONCENTRATING – be amongst the first to learn about the SAFF® Hyper-Concentrator, our latest innovation to maximise PFAS concentration  
  • SAFF® and SHORT CHAINS – catch up on the latest developments to maximise removal of short chain PFAS contaminants  
  • US EPA announce MCL’s for DRINKING WATER – what are these MCL’s and what does their introduction mean for US water utilities?

If you have any questions or would like to speak with one of our experts