Telge, Sweden
foam fractionation technology (SAFF) remediating PFAS from leachate at Shoalhaven landfill

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Installation date: January 2021

Client: Telge Återvinning AB

Site type: Landfill

Application: Leachate

Product: SAFF40®

Capacity: 500m3/day

The Solution:

  • Leachate water treated as of March 2023: >170 ML with zero contractual PFAS exceedances and no issues with complex influent matrix.

Treatment Results:

  • Results represent 23 discrete sampling events from January 30 to October 26, 2021. Samples were tested by Eurofins Environment Testing Sweden AB using modified standard DIN 38407-42.
PFAS Series Feedwater Conc. (1) (ng/l) Treated Water Results (ng/l)Treated Water Results (2) Treated Water Removal Percentage (2)
PFDA4.9179% (4), 98% (5)
PFNA83<0.9799% (4), 99.9% (5)
6:2-FTS41<0.95100% (3)
PFOS191<2.3>98.8% (4), 100% (5)
PFOA586<1.399.8% (4), 99.9% (5)
PFHpA2756.498% (4), 98% (5)
PFHxS97<0.9899.0% (4), 99.9% (5)
PFHxA54132939% (3)
PFPeA5314937.1% (3)
PFBS1129217% (3)
? Detectable PFAS (SLV-11)2,770124955% (3)

(1) Approx. 500m3 feedwater treated for commissioning phase.
(2) Removal percentage (%R) is calculated by comparing treatment results of feedwater compared to the Site Adopted Criteria.
(3) Removal percentage (%R) is calculated by comparing treatment results to the LOR (1.0 ng/l).
(4) The conservative approach where a <LOR result is treated as being equal to 95% of the reported LOR.
(5) Liberal (where <LOR is treated as being equal to 0).

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