SAFF Oakey Project
foam fractionation technology (SAFF) remediating PFAS from leachate at Shoalhaven landfill

Location: Oakey, QLD, Australia

Installation date: December 2018

Client: Australian Department of Defence Army Aviation Centre Oakey (AACO)

Site type: Military

Application: Groundwater

Product: SAFF® WTP

Capacity: 250m3/day, progressed to 345m3/day

The Solution:

  • The objective of the trial was to treat PFAS contamination arising from historical fire-fighting training (i.e. AFFF 3M Lightwater® and minor usage of Ansulite® 1977-2005).
  • Length of operation: Three years ongoing, recently extended.
  • Water treated as of March 2023: 140ML with zero contractual failures.
  • Reduced PFAS concentrated into 74L (provided to destruction cell developers under direction from Australian Defence).

Remediation Journal published Treatment Results:

PFAS Series Feedwater Conc. (1) (ng/l) Treated Water Results (ng/l) Treated Water Removal Percentage (2)
PFOS2,790< 4100%
PFOA480< 199.80%
PFHxS1,030< 1798.40%
Combined PFOS + PFHxS3,810< 1199.10%
8:2-FTS32< 1100%
PFDA156< 398.80%
PFNA116< 1100%
6:2-FTS100< 6100%
PFHpS104< 2080.80%

(1) Approx. 30,000m3 feedwater treated for commissioning phase.
(2) Removal percentage (%R) is calculated by comparing treatment results to feed and trace lab LOR (1.0 ng/l), 6:2-FTS (5.0 ng/l).

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