Talking PFAS Podcast

Our President, Pete Murphy, is featured in Episode 43 of the highly rating ‘Talking PFAS’ podcast, created by Kayleen Bell. The episode, which is titled ‘SAFF – PFAS removal using Foam Fractionation’, went live on 26 April 2023.

The Talking PFAS podcast discusses PFAS contamination with those who live on or near it; with a wide range of experts who study PFAS and its health effects; with those who have worked with this toxic chemical; with those who are trying to remove it from the environment & people, and with the politicians and Government who have the power to fix this problem.

During the podcast, Pete talks at length about SAFF® remediation technology and its ability to remove PFAS from water and landfill leachate, how the technology is meeting the short chain PFAS challenge, and EPOC Enviro’s work so far in remediating PFAS across the globe.

Take a listen here:

For more information about the application of SAFF click here