SAFF unit at AACO successfully treats over 100M litres

10 October 2022

The SAFF® Water Treatment Plant at Army Aviation Centre Oakey (AACO), in rural Queensland, has now surpassed a total treatment volume of 100 million litres (26M gallons).

This historic milestone for the PFAS remediation technology was achieved at the end of July 2022, some 39 months after project inception.
To put the volume of water into perspective, it is the equivalent of 40 Olympic swimming pools.
In treating the groundwater, the plant has concentrated all the PFAS into just 71 litres of hyper-concentrated PFAS liquid. 
This treatment volume has been achieved without a single exceedance for target criteria PFAS compounds PFOA, PFOS and PFHxS.
“This is a fantastic achievement and a milestone to be proud of,” said EPOC Enviro President, Pete Murphy.
“As the original pioneer SAFF workhorse, the SAFF unit at Oakey has helped to pave the way for many other PFAS remediation projects and has enabled us to validate and refine our unique ‘Air in, PFAS out’ approach to permanently remove PFAS from the environment,” he said.
Innovative SAFF uses the power of the rising air bubble to remove PFAS, providing remediators with an efficient, sustainable, and zero waste / zero harm approach to PFAS remediation.

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