Safety and SAFF®

27 October

As the issue of PFAS contamination continues to impact the world and we move towards large-scale remediation efforts, ensuring the safety of staff and clients who are working tirelessly to resolve this issue becomes more important than ever.

At EPOC Enviro, a company that amongst other things cut its teeth cleaning up chemical weapons sites and building industrial scale fuel supply systems, safety is at the core of what we do.

With an ever-increasing number of SAFF systems being deployed globally; we are focused on ensuring that the same level of safe handling protocols are firmly in place to protect those working in and around our SAFF units.

Some of our safety measures include:
🔹 Stringent air flow management and filtration
🔹 Remote telemetry services to minimise operator attendance at site
🔹 Fully bunded systems ensuring zero unregulated discharge
🔹 Onsite liquid waste disposal options – which avoids the risk of public exposure during transportation

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