Peer reviewed article details SAFF® success in removing PFAS from leachate waters in Sweden

1 June 2022

The Wiley Remediation Journal has today published a peer-reviewed article detailing the performance of SAFF technology for removal of PFAS from a landfill leachate catchment at the Telge Recycling plant in Sweden.

In the article, authors David J. Burns, Helena M. Hinrichsen, Paul Stevenson and Peter J. C. Murphy detail the success of SAFF technology over a ten-month trial period at the plant, even amongst the Swedish snow.

“Over the trial period, it was demonstrated that SAFF was successful in removing ≥98.7% PFOS, ≥99.7% PFOA, and ≥98.8% PFHxS from the feed stream without using absorbent media or chemical amendment consumables, including the partial/ significant removal of other PFAS species.” (Burns et. Al, 2022)

Throughout the trial, the authors noted that approximately 80,000m3 of leachate feed was successfully treated, without any need for complex pre-treatment, such as GAC, IX resin or chemical amendments.

The Swedish trial, which was a continuation of the groundwater PFAS removal study conducted at a military base in Australia during 2021, extends the knowledge surrounding feed streams and surrounding climate.

Author Dave Burns confirmed hypotheses about leachate feed streams containing a more complex chemistry for PFAS removal; and climactic dependency as considered in the previous article was found to be virtually insignificant in PFAS removal.

The proven versatility of the SAFF unit, in any climate and with any feed stream, is certainly inspiring.

The article can be found here: