Happy 30th Birthday to OPEC Systems!

16 November 2022

Only 50 per cent of companies survive five years, let alone 10 or 20; but on the 4th November 2022, our parent company OPEC Systems celebrated its 30 Year Anniversary!
Some 100 staff members descended on The Island at the Gold Coast (Australia) for a well-earned get-together: the largest gathering of employees in the company’s history.
Working on the premise that from little things, big things grow, attendees celebrated the fact that from a small office in Sydney (squeezed between a tannery and a scaffolding business), the company now boasts six divisions including EPOC Enviro, 130 staff, and a strong presence within Australia, as well as North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe.
“As a company we are so versatile. Whenever there’s a challenge, we come together, we keep our heads, and we work together to find a solution,” said President Peter Murphy on the evening. 
As outlined by the Directors, the company’s growth, evolution of divisions and endurance over some turbulent times can be explained by its unifying culture, mutual loyalty, tenacity under pressure and fearlessness, coupled with a firm commitment to simply getting things done.
This culture is exemplified by the company’s core values which are:
* People matter, always
* Hard right over easy wrong
* Rise to the challenge
* Good today, better tomorrow

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