EPOC Enviro to begin US manufacture of PFAS remediation technology

12 April 2023: Australian company EPOC Enviro, a leading global provider of a sustainable PFAS remediation technology, has today announced plans to open a major manufacturing base in Statesville, North Carolina.

With a production schedule already filled until 2024, the new Statesville manufacturing facility will initially employ up to 225 staff and build 150 SAFF® (Surface Active Foam Fractionation) units annually, and exclusively, for the US market.

SAFF represents a sustainably engineered approach to PFAS remediation, where air bubbles are used to ‘foam out’ 99+ per cent of target PFAS contaminants, permanently stripping them from the ecosystem. The technology is recognized as a naturally elegant PFAS solution that produces no waste, other than a high density PFAS concentrate, ensuring zero environmental harm.

“It’s great to welcome EPOC Enviro to Iredell County in the nationally recognized top state for business with the best workers in the world,” said North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper. “Our fight against polluted water and climate change will be bolstered by this company’s innovative products and its commitment to sustainability.”

“Our move to Statesville feels well timed,” said EPOC Enviro President, Pete Murphy. “With new US EPA guidelines recently announced around PFAS and the SAFF® systems now recognised and proven as a practical and efficient full-scale solution, there has never been a better ‘right time right place’ moment to expand our manufacturing into the USA,” he said.

The 263,500ft2 Statesville manufacturing facility will complement SAFF® manufacturing already taking place in Australia, with a significant knowledge transfer between the two nations now in action as recruitment and training ramps up at Statesville.

Earlier this year, EPOC Enviro announced a partnership with American companies Heritage Crystal Clean, Revive Environmental (part of the Battelle group of companies) and Allonnia. This holistic combination of technologies and expertise, known as 4never™, is providing a compelling closed loop PFAS solution for the landfill and industrial waste management markets, and significantly enhancing demand for SAFF® technology. 

“This is an exciting time for us. We’ve pioneered and refined the SAFF® technology, and it is already proven on multiple sites across three continents. With the recent 4never announcement consolidating a solid platform of high performance US partners, the move to Statesville feels like everything is falling into place,” he said.

“Statesville is a place where good things are happening, and we want to be a part of that. It’s strategically positioned within the ‘research triangle’ which gives us an edge for recruitment and innovative R&D, and its location near major road and rail networks is also key.”

“We envision that Statesville will be a launch pad for bigger things and allow us to expand our overall market offering. Our award-winning SAFF® technology has already performed in eight different US states, and we are looking forward to visiting all corners of the USA to help communities remediate their PFAS impacted waters.”

EPOC Enviro expects to compete Stage One of its growth plan by the end of 2023. This will see the engagement of some 90 positions, with the first US built SAFF® units scheduled to start their important PFAS remediation work in July 2023.

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