EPOC Enviro at Chlorinated 2022

27 May 2022

EPOC’s senior management team have arrived in Palm Springs, USA for Chlorinated 2022, one of North Americas largest technical program conferences.

The team, consisting of Pete Murphy, David Burns and Geoff Rowland, are looking forward to introducing the marvels of SAFF® technology to a whole new audience of remediation decision makers.

Chlorinated 2022 is the primary gathering point of environmental professionals who are researching, inventing and applying unique and innovative technologies to address the biggest and most complex challenges facing the environment today.

EPOC will be joined at the conference by Allonnia and EnvyTech Solutions AB, EPOC’s North American and European distributors respectively.

EPOC Enviro is also a proud sponsor of Battelle, an independent and not-for-profit organisation that advances scientific and technological applications that have the greatest potential to positively impact modern society.

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