Ten excellent reasons to choose SAFF® for PFAS remediation.  

SAFF® can do that! 

Developed using the principles of green chemistry and with sustainability and effectiveness at the forefront of its design evolution, award winning SAFF® (Surface Active Foam Fractionation) technology is an optimum choice for clients looking to resolve their PFAS contamination issue. 

Why? Consider this snapshot of its many advantages: 

Highly Effective 

The SAFF process removes >99.999% of ≥C6 and most short chain PFAS chemistries from a wide range of source waters, permanently removing these chemistries from the environment.   

Low Operating Cost 

Boasting one of the lowest operating costs of any PFAS treatment system currently on the market, SAFF technology is designed for plug and play commissioning once onsite, requiring just a power supply and connection. 


The SAFF process generates an output of highly enriched, low volume PFAS concentrate, enabling effective pairing with any currently available commercial destruction technology, without the use of adsorption media. 

Short Chain Removal 

The SAFF process is effective across a full spectrum of short-chain PFAS compounds, with performance enhanced with dosing of a propriety booster that achieves increased aggregation and separation. 

Proven Versatility 

Having successfully treated hundreds of millions of litres of PFAS impacted waters across applications including landfill leachate, groundwater and process water, the SAFF process facilitates the release of clean water to the environment or to qualified disposal receptors. 

Zero Media Waste 

Trailblazing SAFF requires no adsorption media to capture PFAS. Instead, millions of bubbles are drawn from the surrounding air to separate and hyper concentrate the PFAS molecules, ready for destruction. 

Engineered for Sustainability 

SAFF technology works to protect the environment by using no consumables and minimal energy and labour, while producing no waste other than PFAS hyper concentrate. 

Modular Design 

SAFF systems are housed within a 40-foot shipping container, ensuring a weatherised, robust and readily transportable solution without the need for a permanent structure. 24/7 real-time worldwide monitoring delivers continual oversight and intervention when needed. 

Made in both the US and Australia 

In addition to EPOC Enviro’s manufacturing capability at Emu Plains in Sydney, from late 2023 SAFF systems are now also manufactured in North Carolina, USA – delivering containerised solutions across the globe for remediators looking for compliant and effective PFAS remediation solutions.  

Regulatory Compliance 

SAFF technology is designed to meet or exceed the most stringent of government and agency PFAS regulations, outputting a destruction ready PFAS hyper concentrate from a wide range of contaminated source waters. 

Want to know more?

Independent peer reviewed articles published in the Wiley Remediation Journal provide a more detailed analysis of SAFF technology. You can read them here

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Source material acknowledgements: Allonnia (EPOC Enviro’s North American distributors)