Quick SAFF Q&A

20 September 2023:Surface Active Foam Fractionation, or SAFF, is an innovative technology engineered by the team at EPOC Enviro to sustainably remove PFAS from water. The following Q&A has been developed to tell you a little more about it:

Firstly, what is PFAS?

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, otherwise known as PFAS, are a group of more than 14,000 synthetic chemicals. These chemicals have been used worldwide since the 1950’s to make products that resist heat, stains, oil/grease and water.

Describe SAFF® (Surface Active Foam Fractionation) technology? 

​​EPOC Enviro’s Surface Active Foam Fractionation (SAFF®) is a highly effective technology that uses the air/water interface of rising air bubbles to rapidly remove PFAS contamination from water.

​Using foam fractionation and years of testing and engineering refinement, 99+ percent of target PFAS molecules are separated and then concentrated, creating a PFAS super-concentrate ready for destruction. Treated water is then safely returned to the environment.

​Using the natural physiochemistry of PFAS molecules to bond to the surface of air bubbles, this Australian initiated and sustainably engineered technology is now a proven and working solution on multiple global sites.

How does this technology differ from already marketed products/technologies? 

​​Traditional PFAS remediation technologies rely on adsorbent media such as GAC, Resin and membrane technologies to remove PFAS. However, these traditional technologies create a secondary waste stream, requiring management and replacement.

​Rather than creating a future problem, and using only air, SAFF presents a sustainable solution that remediates PFAS at the contamination site. The only waste generated is PFAS super-concentrate.

​​How does this technology benefit the broader community?

​PFAS are synthetic compounds that take centuries to break down and are recognised by the Stockholm convention as an ‘emerging contaminant’.

​Once within the environment, PFAS migrate through soil and water, and can form plumes beneath areas such as fire training grounds, defence sites, landfill sites and refineries.

​Permanent removal of PFAS compounds from the environment through the use of a natural process is the future of PFAS remediation.

What are the key environmental benefits of SAFF? 

SAFF is a Nature-based Solution technology, purpose developed under the guiding principles of green chemistry.

Requiring nothing more than aeration and minimal energy, SAFF® technology separates and concentrates PFAS. The only waste created is PFAS super-concentrate, which when paired with third party destruction cell providers results in the permanent destruction of these ‘forever chemicals’.

PFAS is removed and destroyed from impacted feedwaters, with no toxic secondary waste, no additional contaminants, and zero environmental harm.

Any questions, please contact us at info@epocenviro.com

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